Wei Meng Knitting your future

Founding in 1978, WEI MENG Industrial Co., Ltd. (WMI in short) as a leading maker of Raschel knitting machine whole plant equipment is good at provision of customized services under meeting a great variety of demands of plastic knitting items in respective fields.

Services around the world are brought by a suitcase

The fine services available at each corner of the world are:
1.Trial i.e. testing of machinery: A professional technician assigned by WMI will arrive at the site in person liable for installation and testing and giving directives to operators in order to ensure the machine to run well.
2.Spare i.e. supply of parts: Ample spares of parts and accessories required by the knitting machinery are available meeting demands of clients fast and firm.
3.Help i.e. technical solution: A holistic solution is available to the client for tackling technical issues of the machinery.

We nurture the dreams of our clients and make the path to a successful future by weaving with them

Our machines sold worldwide winning words of mouth and much trusted by the clients in the Middle East, East Europe, Central and South America as well as Africa which proves WMI truly a leading manufacturer of knitting machines in Asia.